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Your order tracking command center.

Get in front of shipping issues before they happen. Access the #1 Order Tracking App for Shopify to get a complete picture of your shipping performance. Get free access  👇


See the status of your shipments, all in one view.

Arm your Support, Operations, or Retention teams with complete visibility into shipping performance. Deliver a better customer experience with better insight.

5 star review

"This app is a game-changer. No more tracking shipments individually and no more 'where the hell is my order?!' emails from customers!"


Meridith Perry, President @ Texas Haynet

Shipping Email Klaviyo

Spot shipping delays first with stalled shipment reporting

We alert you of delayed shipments even before the carrier does. Send order alerts to your support team automatically or proactively notify customers about delayed or lost shipments to improve CX.

Shipping performance reporting for Shopify stores

Get instant answers on shipping performance.

See your daily and monthly shipping trends. Report on orders by their fulfillment status, carrier, region, and more. Send data into spreadsheets or a data warehouse for extra slicing and dicing.

Real-time shipping carrier data

Reliable, real-time shipping data.

Find Shopify's fulfillment data to be a little...flaky? We integrate directly with the couriers plus 3rd-party services to give you the latest and greatest shipping events.

Automate Shipping Notifications

Identify which orders are stuck or lost in transit.

With Time In Transit Reporting, quickly review how long your packages have been (or were) in transit for each carrier and prioritize follow-up actions on the latest packages.

Aggregate carriers

One centralized hub for all your carrier tracking.

Wonderment aggregates 20+ major carriers into one dashboard. No more manual order lookups or jumping between carrier's websites to troubleshoot shipping issues.

5 star review

"Wonderment gives us better visibility into the status of our shipments on a variety of carriers. And it enables us to provide better, more timely experience for our customers."

Austin at Chomps

Austin Hutchison, Ecommerce Product Manager @ Chomps

Wonderment is the proactive commerce platform powering the fastest-growing Shopify brands.

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