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Why is Wonderment the right choice?


"Wonderment has been a game changer for Bokksu. Compared to other solutions on the market, Wonderment stands out with its powerful reporting dashboards and easy implementation.

Their transactional emails have dramatically lowered our shipping-related support tickets and I love their deep integration with Shopify Flow so I can build automations to make shipment tracking management even easier!"

Danny Bokksu
Danny Taing, Founder - Bokksu 
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Built by eCommerce experts

We're software people building products for DTC brands who want the most complete offering. Our backgrounds include some of the best ecommerce technology companies and brands around including Klaviyo, Attentive, Shopify, Wayfair, Drizly, Hubspot, Chomps, and AutoBrush. We know a thing or two about delivering value to our customers through a leading product.

Reporting Overview

We build the features our customers ask for - like deep reporting!

Data insights on your shipping performance are at the core of the Wonderment product. You deserve the most complete offering - one that shows you key metrics like tracking page visits, ROI, customer behaviors, and more. Malomo doesn't offer much in the way of reporting - leaving you in the dark on overall performance and opportunities.

Beauty Tracking Pages

Don't wait months for onboarding

Wonderment customers onboard within two weeks and many go live the same week! We never operate off of expensive retainers and because we live natively on your site, you'll never need to wait to make updates to your Wonderment setup. Wonderment pays for itself within the first month!

"Before Wonderment, we had no data or insights on our shipping performance to help our customer success team proactively get ahead of issues. That was crucial for us in why we switched from Malomo to Wonderment."

Zoe Rotberg, Customer Success Team Manager - Uqora

How should you compare Wonderment and Malomo?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a vendor. The team, the solution, and the overall cost and ROI are all critical factors in your decision. Here's our take.

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Company Focus
Wonderment was founded as a data company first by software veterans. Focus is on improving your overall customer experience, customer support, and ROI through a complete solution.
Malomo was founded as a technology-enabled managed services agency. Their focus is on selling managed service contracts.
Expert Support
Wonderment's team is comprised of experts in eCommerce and customer experience. Our Co-founder and Head of CS were both leaders in building the Product and Success organizations at Klaviyo. Hands-on support is available at no additional cost. Regular check-ins
Malomo is newer to eCommerce, with a less experienced team. They recently launched their first self-service product and are learning the basics.
Wonderment gives you immediate access to best-practice email and SMS templates. No additional charges. We have email and SMS experts on our team from Klaviyo and Attentive who are ready to help!
Malomo offers no help with email & SMS best practices for starter plans. They charge extra for support and implementation.
Tracking Page
Wonderment's high-performing and native tracking page live as a page on your Shopify site. Fully customizable on all plans, with native reporting and in your Google Analytics or other tools. Set up multiple pages for no extra fees.
Malomo's tracking pages typically live on a subdomain, often on a Webflow page. Their app has no performance or ROI reporting on the tracking page. They charge extra fees for additional tracking pages.
Wonderment offers reporting features for a 360º view of your shipping performance. Optimize your CX and logistics with our insights.
Malomo's basic reporting is just on average transit times. There's no reporting on tracking page performance. No detailed reporting on delivery times by geography or service level or logistics provider.
Carrier Integrations
Wonderment integrates with over 80 carriers worldwide, covering North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
Malomo only supports about 20 carrier integrations, meaning an incomplete customer experience. Missing popular carriers like StarTrack, Royal Mail, and Amazon FBA.
Wonderment offers native integrations with Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript, Gorgias, Slack, Rebuy, and more. Nobody knows Klaviyo and Attentive better than us - we have former leaders from those companies on our team. Wonderment was Attentive's first partner for order tracking SMS.
Malomo's basic integration support means you're missing deep metadata on Klaviyo events. Limited experience with other platforms.
Total Cost of Ownership
Wonderment has no setup fees. No surprises. Focused on your ROI and improving CX experience. No contracts are required, so you have predictable and easy-to-control costs.
Malomo requires startup costs, and discounts are only available on long-term contracts. If you're looking for a fully managed service provider and the costs there, it may be right for you. 

Wonderment is the glue for your CX & retention tech stack

"We moved from Malomo and have been on Wonderment for over a year. Wonderment offers tracking page customization (more revenue!) and also tells us proactively when orders are delayed by shipping carriers.

Set up and onboarding were a breeze. Love the Klaviyo integration. This is a no-brainer app for any e-commerce store."

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Schoolyard Snacks

Here are just a few of the former Malomo customers who have switched to Wonderment