• What is Wonderment?

    Where’s My Order? app by Wonderment is a stalled and delay shipment communication platform for Shopify merchants. We proactively listen to your tracking numbers, identify the numbers not getting a regular update, and give you the rich data you need to proactively follow up with your customers before they write into support.

  • What carriers does Wonderment support/track?

    We currently support over 50 carriers including many of the most common in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia.

    Please refer here to our supported carrier list.

    If you don't see a carrier on the list that's important to you, please email help@wonderment.cc and we'll add it!

  • What shipping and delivery events does Wonderment support?

    Wonderment supports several different types of shipping events, which you can use for triggering automated flows, segmentation, or reporting.

    • Shipment Confirmed
    • Carrier Picked Up
    • In Transit
    • Out for Delivery
    • Ready for Pickup
    • Shipment Delivered
    • Attempted Delivery
    • Return to Sender
    • Delivery Error
    • Shipment Stalled

    See the full list of supported shipping events here.

  • What data is available inside of the Klaviyo events?

    Wonderment makes a rich set of data available with each event in Klaviyo. Here is a table with the metadata sent through on each event, and the Klaviyo event tag for using it in an email or email template logic. This data can be used for filtering or segmentation - for example, only sending your flow after a package is delayed for a certain number of business days.

    You can see the detailed table of data in our support docs.

  • How can I reach support?

    Have a question or need help? Contact help@wonderment.cc

  • Are you only available for Shopify stores?

    At this time, Wonderment only supports Shopify but we'll be adding support for additional storefronts in the future. Drop a note to jess@wonderment.cc and we'll notify you when we launch new platforms.

  • Can you support Shopify Plus stores with large order volumes?

    Yes! We track more than a million orders every month, and built our platform for scale. Many of our customers are Shopify Plus stores. If you're a Plus store and would like a demo, reach out to jess@wonderment.cc

  • How can I sign up for Wonderment?

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription any time. There is no annual commitment. To cancel, please email help@wonderment.cc