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Shipping delays suck. Here's a better way to manage them.

Prevent "where is my order?" calls before they happen. Get real-time insight into stalled shipments. Increase customer delight with proactive shipping notifications.

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One view for all of your shipments.

Ecommerce teams use Wonderment to get notified on which orders haven't shipped or are at risk of late delivery, and proactively notify customers before they reach out to support.

Wonderment Dashboard

"We were having issues with packages getting delayed and customers thinking they were lost. Now we can monitor shipments and avoid having to re-ship as many orders. This has been the only app we've found that can do this."


Michael Parker, Director Sales & Marketing @ LuminAID


Prevent "where is my order?" support tickets

Proactively notify customers about delayed or lost shipments to improve customer satisfaction while reducing support costs.

Automate Shipping Notifications

Automate shipping notifications via email and SMS

Send real-time order update notifications from the tools you already use (like Klaviyo!) for a better customer experience.

Order lookup and reporting

Stay on top of shipments with order lookup and reporting

Arm your Support and Ops team with a daily digest and real-time report of stalled, delayed or lost orders. Send internal notifications to Slack, Gorgias, or email.

"Setting the right shipping expectations is critical for any eCommerce company. This app solves a huge, huge need."

Jeanne Hopkins, CRO @ SquadLocker

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