Shipping and Order Tacking Notifications Klaviyo Shopify

Beautifully branded shipping alerts.

Finally, order update messages you can completely control and customize. Now available with Klaviyo and Postscript.

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Deliver a premium brand experience.

Keeping customers informed about their order means less “where is my order?!” tickets and happier customers. With Wonderment, we give you better control into these ever-critical customer communications.

Shipping Email Klaviyo

Send stunning order update emails with Klaviyo

Tired of vanilla shipping alerts you can't customize? We've got you. With Wonderment + Klaviyo, you can create shipping receipt emails that fit your brand. Plus, create different flows by product, carrier, destination, and more.

Automate Shipping SMS with Postcript

Automate SMS shipment notifications with Postscript

Whether an item has shipped, is delayed, or has been delivered, customers can be notified about their order, instantly.

More SMS integrations coming soon - contact us to get on the beta list!

5 star review

"Wonderment has allowed us to be proactive with customers and resolve issues quickly. This is an essential tool in delivering our premier customer experience."


Lauren Sagadore, COO @ Knickey

Order lookup and reporting

Better timed product reviews

Asking for reviews prematurely can hurt brand reputation. Setting flows to a simple time delay won't work if orders are late. With Wonderment, you can trigger product review only after a package has actually been delivered.

Automate Shipping Notifications

Proactively inform customers about order delays

Delays happen. Whether your warehouse is slow to fulfill items, or weather delays are impacting particular regions, Wonderment enables you to automatically notify customers automatically about stalled shipments.

5 star review

"Excellent app and customer care team. They've added several features to dynamically populate our content and serve our customers. It's saved a lot of time allowing us to be proactive with our customer."

Annie O'Brien, eCommerce Email Strategist @ Tentree

Wonderment is the proactive commerce platform powering the fastest-growing Shopify brands.

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