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Delivery Promise™ now available 

🙁 Bad news: Your shipping estimates of "2-4 business days" are confusing customers and mis-set expectations.

😊 Good news: Now you can transform your Shopify store into an Apple-like checkout experience to drive sales and customer confidence.

Introducing Delivery Promise: AI-powered delivery estimates, with the tools and reporting you need to create exceptional customer experiences.

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Show shipping times site-wide

Building your customer's confidence starts from the moment they're looking at your products, through delivery. See more examples of how different brands share estimates pre-purchase in our ETA Swipe File

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Support for other locations and custom placements is coming in Summer 2024.

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See the Promise ETA throughout the journey

Customers and CX team members can see the dates shows to customers throughout the tracking experience, across email, SMS, tracking pages, and in the Wonderment app. 

More coming soon:



Take action on events around ETAs, like when an ETA changes significantly, to alert customers and ensure happiness.

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Full visibility into the ETAs being shown to visitors, and what service levels they're picking

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Put it anywhere

Use our Promise API to add ETAs to announcement bars, landing pages, or anywhere else you can imagine.

Currently available for just $99/month

As we roll out Delivery Promise, we are offering our early adopters guaranteed pricing for two years at $99/month for full access.

No long-term commitment required, all onboarding and features are included. We may discontinue this at any time, so if you're excited, reach out now to claim it. (Learn more about our standard pricing)


Delivery Promise's ETAs are calculated nightly using your recent historical delivery data with our AI model.

The model uses a snapshot of very recent delivery data for its calculations, so it is very responsive to changes in carrier networks or your fulfillment process. You can also define default time ranges for orders where an ETA can't be calculated, such as in remote areas where you do not have frequent deliveries.

The shop promise badge is only granted to stores that have consistently fast delivery. Wonderment's Delivery Promise is for any store regardless of how fast you ship. That's because we believe every brand should be transparent about their shipping times.

Additionally, Wonderment's Delivery Promise is an all-in-one solution. We provide our delivery dates in the entire post-purchase tracking journey including emails and SMS to customers, and in our backend reporting.

Delivery Promise is available on Product Detail Pages and within the core Wonderment product for all Shopify plans customers.

Showing a Promise date at checkout is only available for Shopify Plus stores as we leverage Checkout Extensions, which is a Plus-only feature, to enable this product. If Shopify extends Checkout Extensions to other plans, we will offer it to other plans immediately. 

Yes! You can a/b test Delivery Promise against your standard shipping line items to measure the conversion rate impact and make sure it's not harming your checkout conversion rate.

PDP Promises can be tested with your favorite A/B testing software.

Yes! Delivery Promise is available in checkout, and on Product Detail Pages (PDPs). Additional placements like custom landing pages are coming this summer. 
Delivery Promise pricing is based on your checkout volume. Learn more on the Delivery Promise Pricing page. 
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