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Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2022: UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx

by Juliana Casale in , November 1st, 2022
It's officially November, which means BFCM shopping is about to get real (if it hasn't already, thanks to seasonal creep and what is starting to feel like perennial supply chain issues). 

If you haven't already consulted the 2022 holiday shipping deadlines on the UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx websites, don't worry: you still have a few weeks to communicate these crucial BFCM shopping timeframes to your customers.
Without further ado, here are the dates you and your customers need to know.

UPS holiday shipping deadlines for 2022


USPS holiday shipping deadlines for 2022

DHL holiday shipping deadlines for 2022

FedEx holiday shipping deadlines for 2022

How to communicate 2022 holiday shipping deadlines to your customers

Looking for ways to tell your BFCM shoppers how much time they have to place an order?

There's no such thing as over-communicating when it comes to time-sensitive deliveries, so we recommend giving people plenty of notice via multiple channels.

Not only will shoppers be grateful for the heads up; your CX team will be thankful for the reduction in "where is my order??" tickets.


Here are just a few ideas on where to place delivery deadline info:

  • Your website banner
  • PDPs (also the perfect spot for an FYI about any delivery delays)
  • Marketing and post-purchase emails
  • SMS
  • Organic social media
  • Or ideally all of the above

Additional 2022 holiday resources for Shopify brands 

Want a little more guidance on how to prepare for BFCM? We've rounded up a few  tutorials and guides that may be helpful:

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Check out our free ebook on how to handle holiday delivery delays 


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And if you'd like some customized BFCM prep advice, head to our homepage and click the chatbot icon in the lower right corner to talk to a Wonderment team member.