Sean Collins has seen a thing or two when it comes to building remarkable brands.

As Director of Marketing Strategy or Barrel, a creative agency out of NY, he's helped lead strategy for some of the fastest-growing DTC wellness brands.

When I discovered Barrel's incredibly comprehensive guide to customer retention, I knew it warranted a conversion. Where most agencies tend to focus on acquisition (and only acquisition it seems), Barrel has their sights on the long game.

So Sean and I got to taking. Starting my personal pet peeve about what makes a lifestyle brand, we talked about everything from content marketing to loyal to segmentation and so much more.

Top Quotes:

"The number one thing you can do for retention and lifetime value is giving the customer a great experience." [Tweet this quote]
"To be a lifestyle brand, ask yourself, are you going into an existing niche where you're a mechanism to live that lifestyle or are you trying to teach people a whole new way of thinking and living?" [Tweet this quote]
"What most people miss on the content side, they think only about what's going to have the biggest reach and they don't really think about how does this pertain into the user journey or the buyer's journey and into that second purchase." [Tweet this quote]
"The moment you start discounting, especially from the first transaction, you're making the conversation about price as opposed to value." [Tweet this quote]
"If you can figure out what else to provide besides discounts, whether information or education, or status, access, etc, you stop competing on price, or else be prepared to do that sprint to the bottom." [Tweet this quote]
"We now know people abandon their cart just to see if they get a discount code. We've trained that behavior. You just need to break that paradigm and make it clear that you aren't going to be competing on price because your product is better than that." [Tweet this quote]
"Investing in retention is the best way to combat rising CAC. If you can turn a single purchase into a second or third purchase, suddenly it's a lot more acceptable to pay triple what you would for the lead." [Tweet this quote]
"Send one customer email a day. You can save the template and just change someone's name and it's still genuine personal outreach because it's coming from you. Then respond when they respond. That's powerful." [Tweet this quote]


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