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How Maude Leveraged Delivery Promise to Increase Conversion Rate by 12%

by Brian Whalley May 21st, 2024

Maude by the Numbers:

12% Lift in Product Page Add to Cart Rate

20% Boost in Checkout Conversion Rate 

10% Lift in Profit Compared to Control

It's more important than ever for ecommerce brands to deliver a memorable and personalized shopping experience to their customers. Every single detail that a brand delivers to their customers across their journey matters. From how and when they communicate to customers, to the offers that they serve them, to of course how they let customers track their orders. Add this on top of the fact that the cost of advertising is skyrocketing and competition is at an all-time high - brands of all sizes are faced with mounting pressures to not only grow, but grow profitably. 

One of those brands is Maude. Maude is a modern intimacy brand that prides itself on selling quality, simple and inclusive products for the bedroom and beyond.

Given the competition in the overall ecommerce landscape, Max Nixon, the Ecommerce and Retention Marketing Manager told us that over the last few years  Maude has “become laser focused on driving profitable growth by targeting first-order profitability and  improving retention.” Recognizing how important Customer Experience (CX) is in shaping the perception of brand and the effect this has on driving profitable growth, Maude moved to Wonderment in July 2023 to provide a better shopping experience to their customers and improve customer retention.


Delivery Promise  

“We saw a 20% boost in conversion rate when the dates were shown on the checkout page, compared to the control (as in static dates displayed),”

While the Maude team instantly hit it off with Wonderment “due to the accessibility of the team and strong product,” they were particularly excited about the opportunity Delivery Promise represented to increase conversion rates by showing accurate estimated delivery dates on their checkout page. “It’s really difficult to gain an advantage in ecommerce today given that most features are standard and all brands have access to the same tools, but we saw what Wonderment was doing with Delivery Promise and thought that it could give us an edge.” 

They joined the Delivery Promise beta program in November and began with a simple A/B test. They listed Wonderment’s accurate ETAs at checkout and tested it against a control, where they showed static estimated delivery dates to measure the impact of Delivery Promise. The result? “We saw a 20% boost in conversion rate when the dates were shown on the checkout page, compared to the control (as in static dates displayed),” Max told us. After the results of this test proved how impactful Wonderment’s Delivery Promise product could be, the team looked to extend the experiment further up the funnel on their Product-Detail-Pages (PDPs) when it became available in the Spring. 

“It was really easy to set-up Delivery Promise on our site. We worked with our development agency Concept & Cadence to determine how and where we wanted to place Delivery Promise on our PDPs. Once we set our strategy, our developer dropped them on the site and we were live,” Nixon explained. 

In order to test the incremental impact of the roll out the team set-up an A/B test with Intelligems.  Max told us that they had three different groups for the test that included:

  • A) control group (with no Delivery Promise shown)
  • B) group shown Wonderment’s Delivery Promise 
  • C) group shown Wonderment’s Delivery Promise and a free shipping threshold callout

Maude then ran this test for two weeks, until it reached statistical significance and found that the group shown just Delivery Promise ETA’s was “the clear winner.” 

“We found that the Group B drove a 12% lift in conversion and a 10% lift in profit when compared to the control.” Given this outcome, Maude now plans to extend the Delivery Promise across its entire site. 


What’s Next for Maude and Wonderment  

One of the reasons why the Maude team chose to work with Wonderment was because of “the team’s deep experience in ecommerce and constant innovation.” “We know that this version of Delivery Promise is only the tip of the iceberg for Wonderment and we are excited to collaborate with the team as they iterate on this feature and the product more broadly,” Nixon told us. 

In the meantime, the Maude team will continue to leverage Delivery Promise to “deliver an exceptional experience to our customers that helps drive profitable growth for Maude.” 

If you would like to understand more about how Wonderment can help you increase your conversion rates and drive profitable growth for your ecommerce business, set up time with our team here