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How CurrentBody has reduced WISMO Tickets by 83% through Wonderment

by Brian Whalley in July 3rd, 2024

Brand reputation is vital in today’s ultra competitive ecommerce landscape. Virtually every brand faces stiff competition and every consumer is flooded with special offers from brands trying to win their business. So delivering a strong experience to each and every customer is vital.

One such brand that has realized the importance of building and maintaining a strong brand reputation is CurrentBody. Founded in 2009, CurrentBody has swiftly risen to prominence in the beauty technology industry. Initially focusing on sales through clinics, and technology channels, the company has since evolved to become a leading manufacturer of beauty devices available on twenty-two different company owned and operated Shopify websites across nine languages and 60+ countries. The company transitioned from a third-party retailer to now launching their own products in each managed country. Today, CurrentBody now sees the majority of its sales coming from their own line of products. This shift has underscored the importance of them delivering a robust customer experience (CX) to enhance their reputation. 

The person at the helm of leading the company's efforts to deliver a memorable customer experience is Andrew Showman. Andrew, is the co-founder and the current CTO of the company. As part of his role, he oversees customer service and operations. His primary focus is “ensuring customers receive accurate and timely information, thereby fostering an exceptional customer experience,” as he explained. Under his leadership, the company has faced and overcome several significant challenges, particularly as it relates to customer service and streamlining their systems across all of their company websites. 


Challenges CurrentBody Faced 


Due to the fact that CurrentBody has such a geographically diverse audience, Andrew bucketed the challenges into three specific categories: 

  • Customer service efficiency: “Historically, it has been a challenge to consistently keep up our high customer service levels as we’ve experienced fast growth. Streamlining systems to provide customers with precise tracking information and simplifying the product return process have been focal points.”
  • Tracking Accuracy: “With twenty-two websites and partnerships with thirty different shipping carriers worldwide, tracking shipments accurately was problematic. Only around 70% of customers received valid tracking information, leading to frustration and increased support inquiries.” 
  • Global Operations: “While we are based in the UK, only a small percentage of sales come from there. This global footprint necessitates efficient and accurate tracking and customer communication across multiple regions.”

Given the above challenges, Andrew and his team were looking for a solution that could help them streamline their operations in a way that made it easier for them to deliver a stronger customer experience, while at the same time making it easier for the team internally at CurrentBody to operate. “It became a big challenge for our team to keep up with all of the different carriers we were working with if a customer wrote in with a delivery issue with the product that they ordered,” Showman elaborated. 

Given the complexity and global scale of CurrentBody’s challenges, the team was looking for a solution that was flexible (from a technology standpoint) and simple to implement, which is why they turned to Wonderment. 


The Transition and Impact 

The CurrentBody team moved to Wonderment and found the onboarding process to get up and running “simple and painless.” After the onboarding process was complete, they almost instantly saw results when it came to getting ahead of any shipping support issues. Andrew told us that “Wonderment has allowed us to proactively communicate out to customers when there is a shipping delay, which allows us to inform customers about delays before they become larger issues, enhancing the overall customer experience and really delivering on our mission to build a strong brand reputation.”

The impact of this can be seen in the overall reduction in support tickets, “before using Wonderment, 29% of our customer support tickets were related to customers writing in asking us where their order was. After we started using Wonderment, only about 5% of our tickets are related to tracking-related issues. The reduction in these types of tickets has freed up our team's time to work on other projects related to delivering a stronger customer experience.” 

Going hand-in-hand with the reduction in customer support tickets, Showman credits Wonderment with helping them increase their customer experience overall. “With proactive notifications and alerts (through Wonderment) our customer satisfaction rate has soared. We are seeing more five star reviews than ever and customers rarely complain about any shipping issues. This is especially impressive because we have so many company-owned websites, and Wonderment has really helped us centralize and streamline shipping carrier issues. Before we started using Wonderment, about 70% of our customers received invalid shipping information, now with Wonderment close to 100% of our customers receive accurate shipping tracking.” 


The Power of the Wonderment API

Wonderment’s API integration with Klaviyo allows CurrentBody to deliver real-time delivery notifications to customers, no matter where they are located geographically. Andrew credits “Wonderment’s tight integration with Shopify and Klaviyo as being a big reason for all of the success that we’ve had - the API allows us to get the information when we need it.” 

Looking ahead, CurrentBody plans to leverage Wonderment’s capabilities further by centralizing data to enhance accuracy in customer tracking and carrier performance. Showman explained that “this centralized data will enable better decision-making and more proactive management of their operations, including measuring and tracking warehouse performance.”

If you manage a business with multiple different stores across different geographical regions and are looking to streamline your shipping tracking and notifications similar to CurrentBody, reach out to chat with our team today.