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Spring 2024 Townhall Recap

by Brian Whalley May 28th, 2024

Welcome to our latest Townhall, where we dive into the exciting new changes and features coming to the Wonderment platform! We are thrilled to reconnect with our community and share updates that will empower brands and enhance customer experiences. Let's jump right into the key highlights from the transcript, so you can make the most out of this informative session.

Welcoming New Brands and Celebrating Success Stories

We are proud to announce that more than 100 new brands have joined the Wonderment platform, including renowned names like Cirkul, Armra and Vita Coco. As a trusted partner in the Shopify ecosystem, it's an honor to collaborate with these exceptional brands. We are grateful to work with some of the best brands, and we value the importance of customer feedback in shaping our platform's evolution.

Unveiling the Delivery Promise Feature for Enhanced Transparency

One of the most exciting highlights of this spring is the introduction of our new Delivery Promise features. This functionality allows you to display estimated time of delivery (ETA) on their product pages and during the checkout process. By communicating order arrival times transparently, businesses can foster increased customer satisfaction and reduce returns.

We also recently published a case study featuring Maude on the impact of Delivery Promise. Through implementing the ETA feature, the brand witnessed impressive results, including a 12% lift in add-to-cart rate, a 20% lift in checkout conversion rate, and a remarkable 10% increase in profit. These numbers highlight the true potential of the delivery promise feature to drive sales and customer loyalty.

As a limited-time offer, brands can access unlimited usage of the feature for a promotional price of $99 per month. This guaranteed price remains fixed for the next 2 years, making it an incredible value for businesses of all sizes. With the equivalent cost of only 10 coffees a day, this investment promises exponential returns and should not be missed.

Advancements in the Reporting Suite: Unlocking Insights for Merchants

Austin, a product manager at Wonderment, shared exciting developments in our reporting suite. Wonderment processes more than 2.5 million shipment events each day, and we know our insights are invaluable to merchants. Austin highlighted enhancements that have already been implemented, such as faster shipment filters and enhanced revenue attribution reporting.

We also discussed upcoming improvements. Some noteworthy additions to our reporting suite include support for more complex filters and ETA-based filtering. These advancements empower merchants to gain deeper insights into package data, enabling them to fine-tune their strategies and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Introducing "Wonderfilter": AI-Powered Search for Specific Shipments

Another groundbreaking feature unveiled during the townhall is the "Wonderfilter." This AI-powered tool converts user questions into filters, allowing merchants to easily search for specific shipments. This intuitive feature eliminates the hassle of manual searches, saving valuable time and keeping businesses ahead of the game. As always, Wonderment encourages merchants to provide feedback on the reporting features they find most beneficial, ensuring continuous refinement and innovation.

Seamless Integrations and Strategic Partnerships

The townhall also shed light on exciting integrations and partnerships that will further enhance the Wonderment platform. Wonderment's new database infrastructure and data warehouse is powering more functional reporting and queries faster. This infrastructure will unlock powerful queries and reporting capabilities, providing merchants with even more valuable insights into their operations.

Fulfillment Delayed

We also announced our new "fulfillment delayed" event allows users to identify orders that have not been fulfilled within a given time window, and message customers or themselves. This empowers you to proactively address fulfillment issues and ensure timely delivery, further boosting customer satisfaction.

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Wonderment's integration with Klaviyo has also been updated. Wonderment templates are now available in the flow library, enabling merchants to seamlessly incorporate Wonderment insights into their Klaviyo email marketing campaigns. This integration paves the way for targeted and personalized customer communication, driving engagement and revenue.

Our newly formed partnership with Corso brings a new tracking page integration to the Wonderment platform. This integration enables customers to report shipping issues directly from the Wonderment tracking page, simplifying the resolution process and fostering a seamless post-purchase journey.

Thank you for joining us at our Spring 24 townhall, and we hope to see you again soon!