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Unlocking Canopy's Customer Magic with Ecommerce Manager Anastasia Postolati

by Jessica Meher December 18th, 2023

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"Customers drive our business and decisions. Their feedback means a lot to us - it’s how we inform future products and make adjustments to current products. Investing in our customers and making sure they have the best experience is necessary for our success.”

Anastasia Postolati, Ecommerce Manager at Bezel

What's the post-purchase experience like at Canopy? 

Immediately post-purchase, we ask each customer to complete a survey on the “Thank You” page. We currently use KnoCommerce, and it’s been a great platform for gathering additional customer analytics and understanding why someone made a purchase. KnoCommerce’s ability to show at the very top of the post-purchase page and move on to the next survey question without the customer having to click on any buttons, helped us increase our response rate by 344%.

In terms of emails, we have several post-purchase flows. Customers hear from us right after they purchase, and we continuously follow-up to ensure they’ve had the best experience with us, know how to use their device, and are excited to continue trying new Canopy products. For example, subscribers get emails that help them manage their subscriptions and first-time customers receive emails that give them the opportunity to subscribe. We have lots of education built into our emails as well, helping tackle the most common FAQs.

We also always offer customers support via our Customer Experience team by providing contact information in both email and on our website.

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What percentage of Canopy customers are subscribers?

A significant part of our business is driven by subscriptions. Those who subscribe to Canopy products keep their subscription for a very, very long time. And if customers don't subscribe from the get-go, we definitely see a lot of them come back and subscribe. I think one important thing to know is that in order to keep our devices working, you need to change your filters. For example, for our Bedside Humidifier, we recommend changing your filter every 6 weeks or so. These refills keep people coming back to Canopy. 

You recently launched the Canopy Filtered Showerhead. What’s that been like? 

Filtered Showerhead | The Best Shower Head with Filter - Canopy

We've had such an amazing run with it and it’s becoming a great part of our business! When we started Canopy, the goal was to optimize the whole home for beauty and wellness and reimagine devices in every room of the house. We started in the bedroom with the Bedside Humidifier, then continued with the creation of the Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier Plus, and Nursery Humidifier. The Canopy Filtered Showerhead is our first step into optimizing the bathroom for health and wellness. Over 70% of our Filtered Showerhead customers are new Canopy customers. We're seeing that we are actually attracting a new group of people which is exciting for us.

How do you think of introducing customers to other Canopy products? 

We really lean into email. Taylor, our Digital Marketing Manager, has lots of email segmentation set up, so different people will receive a variety of emails based on actions they take. We primarily use education to showcase the benefits of products our current customers haven’t tried yet. For example, if someone is a Bedside Humidifier customer and is using the device to combat dry winter air’s effect on their skin, we provide education on how water also affects skin, and pitch them the Filtered Showerhead. How air and water affect our skin and hair is so interconnected, it’s a no brainer.

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Canopy does some cool collaborations. Any more in the pipeline? 

We have more on the way, for sure! We've teamed up with by/rosie jane in late October to fulfill our customers’ everyday aroma needs with three delicious essential oil blends - made with clean, mood boosting ingredients inspired by by/rosie jane’s cult-favorite body care line.

We also recently partnered with Jupiter, an amazing scalpcare brand to bring customers an ultimate scalp and skincare bundle consisting of their Balancing Shampoo & Nourishing Conditioner, and our Filtered Showerhead. I myself have been using this combo for the past couple of weeks and I’m obsessed!

Jupiter x Canopy <br>Scalp & Skin Bundle

What are you still trying to figure out about CX? 

We're exploring opportunities to give our customers more choice when it comes to subscriptions. Since we have such a large & active subscriber base, we want to make sure that we are continuously optimizing our offering to what our customers are looking for. We’ll definitely be looking for more out-of-the-box ideas that could really surprise and delight our customers in 2024. 

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