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Reducing Shipping Support Tickets

Wonderment's ability to proactively identify shipping issues drives a dramatic reduction in shipping support tickets. This  enables your customer experience team to flip from from reacting to customer complaints, to proactive problem solving and happier customers.


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How do we do it?

Wonderment helps you implement powerful flows in your marketing automation platform that keep you in touch with your customers through shipping and delivery. These aren't just the regular delivery updates, but active alerts to you and your customers about delays or delivery problems as they happen, so you can respond quickly. 

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Comprehensive Reporting

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Wonderment's Delivery Time and Transit reporting keeps trend data in front of you. Track changes in delivery performance and customer experience, and plan changes to your operations that drive savings and better customer outcomes. 


Detailed Reporting On Actual Experiences

Wonderment's Experience Surveys allow you to collect last-mile delivery feedback directly from customers, including ratings and text descriptions of issues from the customers. This data flows back into both Wonderment and marketing automation platforms like Klaviyo and Sendlane, so you can automatically triage and follow up with customers. 

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How much can you save?

Get an estimate of how much you could save in support costs by implementing Wonderment's flows with help from our Merchant Success team. A copy and more information on these workflows will be sent to you via email if you enter an email address below. 

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