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Wonderment's unique integrations drive powerful customer experiences across marketing channels. Available now to Sendlane users.

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Transactional Shipping Events

Wonderment's integration will bring our shipping-related updates into your Sendlane account. Build automations from scratch with your data, or use one of our templates from our library.  




New Events - Tracking Page Viewed & Feedback Survey

Wonderment now reaches beyond normal order tracking events like Shipment Created or Delivered.

Create Sendlane-based workflows that check in with customers or alert your team to unusual behavior, like customers repeatedly viewing their tracking page or complaining about bad delivery experiences.

Have ideas for other events enabling you to create better customer experiences? Let us know.


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And more coming after that...

This is just the beginning for this powerful new integration. We continue collaborating closely with the Sendlane team to build more for you. Want to get access to this right away? Register your interest via this brief form, or contact Wonderment Support with any questions or ideas you have. 


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