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The most powerful integration for the most powerful platform.

Wonderment's unique Klaviyo integration helps you create stronger customer experiences than any other customer retention platform.

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One-Click Integration via OAuth

Wonderment's new Klaviyo integration is made possible by OAuth, which means no more creating and passing around API Keys. You can even find Wonderment in the Klaviyo integrations directory now. 




New Templates in the Klaviyo Flow Library

Wonderment was the first Klaviyo technology partner selected to have our flow templates added to the Klaviyo Flow Library.

This makes setting up your Wonderment flows incredibly fast and easy - One-click activation of the integration, create the flows from included templates, and turn them on. 




New Event - Tracking Page Viewed

Wonderment now reaches beyond normal order tracking events like Shipment Created or Delivered.

Create workflows that check-in with customers or alert your team to unusual behavior, like customers repeatedly viewing their tracking page in a short span of time. Have ideas for other events that would enable you to create better customer experiences? Let us know.


tracking page viewed klaviyo event


Integrated Klaviyo Transactional Revenue Report

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We know how annoying it can be to bounce between different platforms to understand the complete picture of your post-purchase experience performance. The Wonderment Klaviyo integration now brings Klaviyo Flow Performance data into Wonderment's native reporting. Analyze the open, click, cross-selling, and other performance data about your Wonderment Flows inside Wonderment.


Delivery Experience Surveys

Include Delivery Experience Surveys in your Delivered or other transactional communications, and gather customer feedback on the last step of the journey. Spot trends in carriers, products, or destinations that drive positive or negative sentiments on this critical point in customer experience.

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And more coming after that...

This is just the beginning for this powerful new integration. We're continuing to collaborate closely with the Klaviyo team and our customers to build more for you. Want to get access to these right away? Update your Integration from Integrations -> Klaviyo, or contact Wonderment Support with any questions or ideas you have. 

Wonderment Docs: Learn more about upgrading your Klaviyo integration

Wonderment Docs: "Tracking Page Viewed" Event and Templates


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