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Plans that scale with you.

Wonderment's Delivery Promise drives up purchase confidence and creates happier customers at one all-in price.

Delivery Promise

For brands that want a complete solution for pre-purchase ETAs

Starting at

billed monthlyat

Delivery promise features…
  • Nightly updates to ETAs
  • Independent ETAs for each shipping rate
  • Self-service onboarding in minutes
  • Product Pages
  • Checkout Pages (Shopify Plus only)
  • Order Tracking Pages
  • Email/SMS Messages
  • Delivery Promise API
  • ETA Reporting
  • Support for per-product ETA padding, fulfillment dates and time windows,
  • Integrations into customer service platforms
  • Locations outside of the US

Fast onboarding

Get setup in minutes, totally self-service.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees (we hate those).

Cancel anytime

No long-term contracts required.

p.s. need more convincing? Ask us for a custom ROI assessment.

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Frequently asked questions

Month to month plans can cancel any time. You can easily "downgrade" your plan within the app or change plans easily with in the app.
Yes! Most merchants sign up for on our usage-based plan, so you pay only for what you use. But if you'd like more predicability and prefer a flat-rate that is consistent every month, please contact us here.
Nope! We do not charge you more just because you're a Plus merchant. Our plans on based only your monthly checkout volume.
Yes! We do offer a contract buy-out for qualified merchants. Please contact us to learn more.
For existing Wonderment customers, we already have all of the data we need to calculate your shipping estimates. Onboarding and setup are just configuring the appearance of your checkout block and product page block, and then adding them to your theme. Most brands can complete this in about 15 minutes.
We have a packed roadmap of coming features and improvements to Delivery Promise. Learn more about our planned roadmap and milestones on the Delivery Promise homepage
Wonderment integrates with over 100 shipping couriers. You can find our list of support carriers here.

It's simple! Today, Delivery Promise is only available to customers of Wonderment's core offering. There are no other requirements beyond being a Wonderment customer. 
Because our Checkout block relies on Shopify's Checkout Extensibility, you do need to be on a Shopify Plus plan with Extensibility enabled to show delivery dates at checkout. If Shopify offers Checkout Extensions to other Shopify plans, we'll support them as well.


"Working with Wonderment has been excellent. We've quickly seen a 10:1 ROI on the new order tracking experience and we've only just begun!"

Allison Kelly

Kopari Beauty