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Webhooks for all your shipping data

by Brian Whalley in , January 27th, 2021

Webhooks are a great way to keep up to date on important events. Wonderment now has webhooks available for tracking your events in any other systems you use.

Get alerts in Slack for Stalled Shipments

Start a #shipping-alerts channel and catch shipping exceptions with an alert in Slack, so there’s no delay in your Support team being aware of issues and getting in front of them before they escalate. Here’s a two minute video on how to set this up:

Catch events in a Google Sheet via Zapier

Using a Zap, catch events and put them in a Google Sheet to review later. For example, you can make a cut of international shipments that meet certain criteria and make them easier to find later. Here’s an example of how to use this with Zapier. You can also use Zapier’s logic filters to manage this further - like capturing international orders and flagging them for follow-up if they aren’t delivered quickly. 

Wonerment Webhook Setup

Feed shipping information into your data warehouse via Stitch

Explore your questions or make high-sophistication custom dashboards in Google Data Studio, or data warehouse & visualization tools via Stitch. Using the Singer project, it’s possible to ingest your webhook data into your warehouse for any research or analysis purposes. 

How else do you want to use webhook data? Send me your ideas or questions at - I'd love to hear from you and help make it happen!

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