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Understand Your Customer’s Delivery Experience with the Shipment Detail View

by Brian Whalley in February 10th, 2021
shipment details view

Building empathy for your customer’s experience can be really tough! With that in mind, we wanted to create a tracking experience for you, and your staff, to understand every detail of the delivery and communication experience. We’ve built our Shipment Detail page to give you the detailed breakdown of all the critical information about the package - Where it’s going, what’s in it, and when it will be delivered. 

While the Dashboard can provide a good high-level summary of packages that are in transit, stalled, or in other conditions, you’ll often want to be able to go deeper. The Detail page gives you immediate information on how long each step of the process has taken, and which items from the order are in the package. If you need to take action like re-shipping part of an order, you can get information on exactly which items are missing and how long they’ve been waiting. 

When you open the Shipment Detail page, we check with the carrier to get the most up to the minute delivery information, to make sure that we give you an accurate picture of where it’s at. It’s like the carrier’s tracking page that you and your team already use, but with the additional context of their customer history with your store. 

Unlike Shopify’s Order screen, which shows you actions by your store / your staff, we show you how your customer experiences the purchase and delivery of their order. This provides a good reference to how your customer experienced the fulfillment and delivery of their order. 

In the future, we’re going to enable other metadata on this page, to help you better follow the activity of your orders and customer experience - stayed tuned for more! 

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