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The 1 Email You're Not Sending that Gets 80% Open Rates & 30% Click Rates

by Marika Tselonis November 6th, 2023


Can you relate to this? You're at a restaurant, waiting for your meal. You haven’t eaten all day. Your stomach is growling like a wild animal, but your order is taking forever and there’s no food in sight.

You get a little more peeved with every second that ticks by and wonder if your order got lost in the shuffle. Where the heck is the waiter?

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, your customers feel the exact same way when they’re waiting for their online orders to arrive—especially if it’s been a few days since the last update.

What they need is a waiter to gently reassure them that their order is on its way. And that waiter’s name is Stalled Shipment Flow.

Is a Stalled Shipment Flow really that helpful?

Oh yeah. On average, they have an open rate of 80% and click rates higher than 30%

Buoy, one of our partners at Kulin, runs a Stalled Shipment Flow. It earns a 31% click rate, and believe it or not, a 1.3% conversion rate. Customers clicked through this email to place another order.


Stalled Shipment Flows are effective because they make your customers feel valued and kept in the loop, which builds their trust in your brand. It shows that you care about their comfort and respect their time and money.

Wanna create a Stalled Shipment email? Here’s what to include:

  1. Start with empathy and acknowledge the delay (no sweeping things under the rug).
  2. Provide a clear update and mention what your team is doing about it (keeping an eye on it, checking in with the carrier, etc.).
  3. Offer a little something extra to smooth things over. A 10% discount code is like a basket of fries, on the house.

Navigate your customers through a rough patch in their shopping journey and they'll remember your support. When you treat them like friends and keep them informed, they’ll reward you with trust and continued patronage.

Don't let stalled shipments be a missed opportunity to connect with your shoppers! Incorporate this email into your retention marketing strategy and watch your repeat purchase rate skyrocket. 🚀

If setting one of these up sounds enticing but you’re short on time, Wonderment’s slick Klaviyo integration makes running a Stalled Shipment Flow simple and fast.

With their Shopify app, you can make it happen in a few clicks—no development work necessary. And if you need a helping hand, the fine folks at Kulin are happy to help. 👋 Bon appetit!



Based in Ontario, Canada, Marika serves as the Director of Email & SMS at Kulin. With a wealth of experience spanning over seven years in email marketing and a solid decade in customer service, she specializes in retention marketing strategies that prioritize the customer experience. 


Marika & the Kulin Co. team excels in teaming up with DTC and eCommerce companies to create unforgettable email and SMS campaigns that not only make an impression but also cultivate long-term customer loyalty.