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This is How F&B Brands Can Improve their DTC Customer Experience

by Admin February 22nd, 2024

Wonderment’s lucky to partner with many amazing agencies that work with incredible brands including some of your favorite food & bev brands!

Since it’s never easy to sell a product (especially for food & beverage which people usually prefer to taste before purchase), there's an even greater emphasis placed on  having a seamless customer journey and superior customer experience! 

With that in mind, we decided to tap our agency network and ask them for tips from from their food & beverage clients on how to create an amazing online customer experience. 

Keep reading to find out what they said!

Agency: Barrel NY

Barrel is an expert in online web design and development. They told us how their client Sweet Lorens optimizes their DTC CX. 

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"In the food and beverage industry, enhancing the customer experience is a must—especially in digital channels where customers can’t sample the products. Sweet Loren’s, our client, does this by transforming their website into an interactive experience. They leverage the Shopify app, Tolstoy, to embed videos throughout the journey and on every product page. While Sweet Loren’s has an in-depth recipe section, these videos take product usage to a new level by inviting customers into a world of culinary creativity, something they can't experience when shopping in-store." - Lucas Ballasy (Partner, CXO at Barrel)  

Agency: Roswell

Roswell is a full-service ecommerce agency. 


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"Having a variety pack available for customers to sample top flavors can be a game-changer. Customers are more likely to return when they are able to try a few first and then commit to a larger quantity of the taste they love. IQBAR does this by product type and also offers an Ultimate Sampler spanning their whole product collection."

Agency: C+R Co

C+R Co is a Shopify Partner specializing in holistic digital marketing,


"Identify unique selling propositions in your products and take a consumer-centric approach. Remember that humans buy on emotion and want to be taken on a visual journey online...Clearly show your products at the top of the navigation bar, and include product information that speaks to the solution [ your products ]  solve for. Look at Arrae as. " - Chelsea Jones (Co-CEO and Chief Visionary Officer, C+R Co) 

Agency: Email Kong

Email Kong supercharges email & SMS strategies to fuel retention. 

"Many beverage brands we work with invest heavily in their visual identity and branding, and it's crucial that their emails reflect this commitment. After all, emails play a significant role in a brand's identity...Our primary recommendation for eCom brands in 2024 is to take control of their transactional emails, for both one-time purchases and subscriptions. A strategically designed 'Order Confirmation' email or an engaging 'Subscription Started' email can significantly educate customers, reduce buyer’s remorse and leave a memorable impact." - Bogdan Mihalache (CEO, Email Kong) 

Agency: Agital  

Agital is a leading digital marketing agency. 

"Food & beverages are one of the few product categories left for which consumers still experience a lot of purchase hesitancy when it comes to online shopping. To combat this, a brand needs to ease a potential buyer's concerns in 2 areas: Pre and Post-Purchase. For pre-purchase really strong merchandising will ensure a potential customer has the information they need to make a decision. Key components of strong merchandising include  detailed product descriptions, comprehensive shipping information, star ratings/reviews...[for] post-purchase reaching out to ensure the customer is satisfied with their purchase shows that the brand cares about its product, and it will often be the difference between the brand having a one-time buyer and having a loyal repeat customer."

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