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Now Available: Line Items In Event Data

by Brian Whalley in February 22nd, 2021

When communicating with customers about shipping updates, you need to refer to exactly what items are in their package. Starting today, Wonderment’s event data now contains detailed information on each item in the package. Now, any merchant using Shopify and Klaviyo can easily and effectively customize their shipping and delivery experience based on exactly what products the customer is receiving, and the day they’re arriving. This includes everything from the shipping confirmation email, to the delivery confirmation, using the rich templates and logic that Klaviyo makes available. This data is also now available in our webhooks, too!

In the past, if you wanted to supply specific unpacking or setup instructions to a customer, or request a review after delivery, you only had limited options. Often, you would schedule an email to be sent after a set number of days after the package was shipped, and just hoped it had arrived. 

If shipping was slow or there was a delivery issue, the customer would get the review request before the package arrived. That just invites reviews complaining about the shipping and delivery experience and hurts your ratings. Or, they’d lose the set-up instructions in their inbox before having the product in front of them. They’d get the product days later and have to dig through their email to find the setup instructions. It’s just not a formula for building a positive customer experience.

Using Wonderment’s line item data in events, you can branch and customize your emails to include just the relevant information for that customer, and make sure it arrives just when their delivery does. Shipping perishable goods? You can build an email that goes out when the package is marked Delivered to encourage them to check for it and give with specific care instructions.

klaviyo flow showing line items split

You can also generate beautiful status update emails that include detailed shipping information, which is great when an order might require several packages to deliver completely. You can make it clear exactly which items are in which packages, so the customer’s expectations are set properly. For example, here's a preview email that shows off our old friend StrongBad.

line items in klaviyo email preview

Line item data is available in Klaviyo events, and in Webhook data, as an array "LineItems" in the event, making it easy to cycle through however you want to consume it. We also publish the names of the items, and their SKUs, as top-level arrays to make splitting and conditional filters based on fulfillment contents as easy as possible.

If you’re using our webhooks with Zapier, or a data warehouse via Stitch or another ETL service, you may need to rescan Wonderment’s webhooks to see the new fields become available. The Wonderment Event Data docs have been updated to show these new fields.

webhook lineitems example

Do you have other data that you’re looking for in your shipping events? Let me know and we’ll add it in. 

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