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Send Smarter Review Requests with Wonderment + Okendo

by Brian Whalley in July 28th, 2021
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It's a known fact: customer reviews are one of the most powerful marketing weapons for eCommerce brands. If you own an online store that isn't blanketed in glowing, 5-star testimonials, your bound to to lose out on revenue.

Because after all, people buy from people.

Luckily, there are product review apps that help Shopify merchants automate the collection of reviews and user-generated content to get the social proof you need to increase sales.

But there's one approach most brands aren't taking advantage of that can triple to number of positive reviews your store receives.

The old way: time-based product reviews

When using these apps, Shopify stores commonly set up their product review flows to work like this:

  1. Customer places order
  2. - Wait 5 days -
  3. Then ask for a product review

But what's wrong with this approach?

Well for starters, how do you know 5 days is long enough? Or too long?

What if you ask the customer to rate their item but they haven't even received it yet? What if the customer had such a negative experience with their shipment? You're likely to get a bad review or no review at all, since the timing and context of the ask is off the mark.

Believe it or not, the timeliness of your review requests is the secret to getting more positive product reviews.

We know that a negative review from a customer because you requested a review before they got their order delivery is deeply frustrating. And not getting a review at all is such a huge missed opportunity.

Avoiding these kinds of gaps is important in helping you grow your business.

A new, better way to grow the number of 5-star reviews

We're excited to announce that as of today, Okendo customers now have a powerful new tool to prevent these kinds of accidents. Wonderment's shipping delivery data can now power Okendo's eligibility rules for when to send a review request.

That means your flows will now look like this:

  1. Customer places order
  2. Order is marked as Delivered
  3. Automatically send review request

The biggest different is that the new approach replaces an arbitrary time delay between order place and product review so you can guarantee only customers who have actually received their order get asked to rate the product.


How to Set Up Wonderment + Okendo Integration

Activating the integration is just one step: Wonderment customers on any paid plan can turn on Shopify Fulfillment Event support in their Integration Settings.

When active, Wonderment will mark packages as Delivered in Shopify, even if it's not a carrier normally supported by Shopify. Okendo uses this Event to determine eligibility for reviews.

shopify fulfillment events okendo wonderment
okendo wonderment sequence

Once active, Okendo users can configure their Eligibility Sequence to work off the Shopify delivered event, shown above. You can still add a delay after delivery so the customer can try the product out, and this way you're certain of them having it.

“It’s important to know that our customers have received their orders before requesting reviews. Using Okendo’s integration with Wonderment, we can schedule our review requests to send based on when they have been delivered, which has not only allowed us to achieve an increase in email click-through rates but also in our average review rating.” Lauren at Knickey

Knickey co-founder and COO Lauren Sagadore has been using the Okendo / Wonderment integration for a few weeks to make sure that review requests are always scheduled for after delivery.

Not using Okendo yet? You can start a trial here and learn more about their powerful reviews platform.