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New in Wonderment: Time in Transit by Service Levels

by Brian Whalley in June 10th, 2021

All late or slow deliveries can be stressful for customers, and a terrible headache for customer service teams. Some customers try to create more certainty about the delivery by picking a premium service level for their shipment, like an overnight or 2-day service.

Even with these options, things can still go wrong. Customers who paid for a premium shipping service will have higher expectations than others around a fast delivery, or that you're making it right when it's not on time. We both know that you don't control the shipping experience, but your customers expect you to be responsible for it anyway.

With the premium shipping experience in mind, when it goes wrong, you want to know early, and fast. Service Level-based reporting can help you diagnose that. The Where's My Order shipping reporting now includes Time in Transit by Service Level.

time in transit by service level

Start by reviewing your in-transit packages by service level, so that you can keep a close eye on any packages that are running later than allowed for their level. You can click into any of these and identify problem packages much more quickly, and follow up instantly.

In the future, we'd like to make this even more proactive, identifying packages that missed their expected delivery window and alerting you right away. Interested in using that in your messaging or workflows? Let me know!

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