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New Feature: Fulfillment Delayed Alerts

by Brian Whalley in May 9th, 2024

Introducing the Fulfillment Delayed Event

We’re excited to announce a new feature that will help you better manage customer expectations: The Fulfillment Delayed Event.

Fulfillment Delayed lets you set a custom time delay for when an order is considered late in fulfillment. This means you can define how long after an order is placed before your customers are notified about any delays. Fulfillment Delayed is currently only supported for Klaviyo integrations, but will come to our other integrated platforms soon. 

Why Use It?

  • Keep Customers Informed: Automatically notify customers if their orders are delayed, reducing anxiety and support tickets.
  • Customize Timing: Set the delay between 72 and 96 hours to avoid unnecessary alerts during weekends or holidays.
  • Seamless Integration: Events are sent to your Klaviyo account under the name "Wonderment - Fulfillment Delayed," allowing you to trigger Flows and segment customers effortlessly.

Getting Started

A more complete doc on setup and options is available on our Help Center, and a flow template is available from Wonderment Support. For the quick hits:

  1. Access the Feature: Log in to your Wonderment account and go to Settings > Events > Fulfillment Delayed.
  2. Set Your Delay: Enter your desired time delay (recommended 72-96 hours).
  3. Connect to Klaviyo: Go to Klaviyo and create a new Flow and set up the event trigger.
  4. Use Our Template: Take advantage of our flow template with suggested messaging to reassure your customers.

Ready to Reduce Customer Anxiety?

By keeping your customers informed about potential delays, you can enhance their experience and reduce the number of support tickets. Log in to your Wonderment account today and set up the Delayed Fulfillment Alert feature!

For more details, visit our Help Center or contact our support team.

Stay proactive and keep your customers happy with Wonderment’s Delayed Fulfillment Alert!