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New Feature: Saved Filters

by Austin Hutchison in February 3rd, 2023

The Shipment Table inside of the Wonderment Admin is a powerful tool for both CX and Operations teams to help identify issues before they happen. It's the easiest way to browse your ecommerce store order fulfillments based on the status of their journey. 

With the filters that Wonderment offers, you can quickly spot any orders with changes in processing, failed deliveries, and most commonly, slow shipments. Depending on your business and fulfillment cycle, the date based sorting allows you to find orders that aren't meeting your brand's standards.

The right view for your business might include a combination of many of these filters, which highlights the orders your team needs to address. Now, with the introduction of saved filters, you can access the complex combinations of features that you need with one-click.

Saved Filter Examples

Here are a few filter combinations, inspired by Wonderment customers, that you can save to improve your workflow.

🌎 Geography based views

Save a filter for areas that you know have shipping issues, or your international packages if you have recurring trouble with cross-border shipments. 

🏎️ Service level views

Use the Service Level filter to Save a view that highlights shipments that are slower than the advertised speed. Some shipments are expected to take longer, but for the customers that choose expedited, make sure those are getting delivered quickly! 

👻 Ghost Packages

Combine the resolved filter to find packages that have not been delivered, with the Carrier's last update filter to further filter to packages that haven't been updated by the carrier. When carriers stop updating a package, it might signal the package is lost.

What's next?

We're continuing to make the experience in the Shipment Table more intuitive and grow its functionality. We'll be adding additional filters to make monitoring your packages and ensuring great customer experiences even easier.