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How to Send Emails That Actually Convert

by Admin February 29th, 2024



With email providers cracking down on spam, sending emails that arrive in customer's primary inbox and convert is more important than ever!

Luckily, we're partnered with some of the best marketing agencies out there that are guiding their clients in the right direction when it comes to email!  

Below are some of the highest converting emails that are partners crafted for their food & bev clients! Take a look!

Roswell NYC for IQBar 

IQBAR celebrated its 5th anniversary with a choose-your-own GWP (gift with purchase) offer that became one of their top-performing email campaigns in 2023.


Email Kong for Goodrays

"Our email strategy's success boils down to delivering genuine value, not just promotions. Our community engages with content that improves their lifestyle, like our summer mixology series. It's clear that when you focus on educating and enriching experiences, sales will follow." -  Henry Colyer, Head of Marketing at Goodrays

"For example, one of their most successful email campaigns took place in the summer of 2023, featuring an elegantly designed email that showed customers how to create amazing CBD cocktails by mixing Goodrays drinks with alcohol." - Email Kong

What's Behind Goodray's Email Content? 

  • Giveaway contests! Prizes range from CBD-infused drinks like a Sour Raspberry CBD Spritz, a Festive CBD Cocktail, and a Mojito Mocktail, to wellness bundles and recovery packs. 
  • Educational Content like "CBD Dosing 101"
  • Relating to Customers - They're addressing common problems that their customers relate to including "Hangxiety"
  • Segmenting Customers and targeting specific demographics with relevant educational content about CBD 



Agital for Frog Hollow Farm 

Faith Gagliardi, Director of Email & SMS Marketing at Agital, breaks down the features of Frog Hollow Farm's highest converting email. 

  • Segmented audience with an emoji in subject line - almost a 50% open rate!
  • Focused on one product and had a clear CTA - about $25k in revenue driven from this one campaign
  • Included a Gif image at top of the email (above the digital fold) - 60% of clicks were on the main gif image
  • Instead of promotion focused on the product's quality- especially freshness and flavor.
  • Included reviews to support product claims on freshness and quality

GIF included in email

Emphasis on freshness

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