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Capitalize on the Surge of BFCM Traffic with these 5 tips

by Josh Behr September 19th, 2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those exhilarating shopping extravaganzas, have consistently proven to be veritable goldmines for brands, rewriting sales records year after year. As the holiday season approaches, it's no secret that this period contributes significantly to the annual bottom line. Amidst this flurry of festivities, the crescendo of consumer demand reaches its zenith during the dual spectacles of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Yet, what lies beneath this glittering surface is a profound implication for brands. Beyond the visible surge in revenue, an interesting phenomenon emerges: the majority of newly acquired customers tend to confine their interactions with the brand to a solitary purchase. The challenge? Establishing a lasting relationship that transcends the whirlwind of holiday sales.

The National Retail Foundation offers a revealing insight: the post-holiday period doesn't see a reluctance to spend. In reality, about 65% of shoppers harbor intentions of making purchases even after the festive dust has settled. The crux of the matter often resides in the art of nurturing these freshly minted customer relationships, fostering a climate conducive to repeat transactions and LTV (life-time value) growth.

To cultivate this ever-elusive customer loyalty, we present 5 tips on how to capitalize on the surge of traffic during BFCM, carefully curated to elevate the odds of securing that second purchase during this upcoming holiday season.

1. Order Confirmation: Igniting the Spark

While conventional wisdom might suggest a gradual approach to upselling outside the Black Friday-Cyber Monday frenzy, these landmark occasions warrant a departure from the norm. Leverage the order confirmation email to your advantage by encouraging subscription to SMS alerts, app downloads, and cross-selling or upselling complementary products. However, finesse is paramount here. More than the pursuit of additional sales, this communication serves as a reassuring touchpoint, ensuring customers are confident that their transaction unfolds seamlessly. By setting clear expectations, you lay a foundation of trust that can endure beyond the festivities.

2. Shipping Confirmation: Sustaining the Momentum

The shipping confirmation email isn't merely a mundane update; it's a strategic continuation of the customer journey. Beyond offering shipment tracking details, this communication should alleviate any concerns about orders potentially going astray. Seamlessly guide customers to a branded tracking page, expertly powered by Wonderment, where they can not only track their package but also explore additional products that might pique their interest. Here, the crossroads of service and opportunity intersect, setting the stage for upsells.

3. Delivery Confirmation: Elevating Engagement

The delivery confirmation email provides a prime opportunity to remind customers of the excellence of your product. Whether intended as a gift or a personal indulgence, this is the moment to impart practical tips on product usage or showcase user-generated content that resonates with your clientele. By providing tangible value and celebrating the product's benefits, you can nudge recipients toward considering a second purchase. Timeliness in messaging is crucial, and Wonderment ensures your communications hit the mark precisely.

Customers can also add in Wonderment's new feature to check in with customers on how their delivery experience was -- prompting them to act on their responses with  a discount code for any customer who had a poor delivery experience & a review request for any customer who had a positive experience. 

Delivery Experience

4. The Bounce Back

Consider the post-holiday period a second act. With the initial acquisition cost absorbed, offering a unique, time-sensitive discount code to infuse urgency into your offer. We have seen these costs be much lower than first-time acquisition costs. We advocate a dual-email approach: one at launch and another 24 hours before the offer's conclusion. Such a strategic maneuver aligns with the season's spirit, increasing the chances of converting one-time buyers into repeat customers.

5. Review: Turning a Negative to a Positive

Customer feedback isn't merely a metric; it's a powerful force that can shape brand perception. Positive reviews serve as testimonials, while negative ones provide the opportunity to showcase exceptional customer service. Addressing negative feedback head-on, your customer service team can rectify grievances and turn detractors into advocates. Just as a negative comment can tarnish a relationship, a brand's willingness to go the extra mile can mend it. 

Remember, no checklist is a one-size-fits-all solution. Allow the above guide to serve as a compass, steering your efforts towards tailored success.

If you seek further insights or have questions, please reach out at AMB Interactive, a Klaviyo Elite partner specializing in email and SMS strategies, stands ready to illuminate your brand's journey towards elevated holiday sales success.