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The Tactical Playbook to Driving Repeat Purchases Through Transactional Email & SMS

Get our step by step framework on how to monetize your transactional messages.

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The Ultimate Guide To Delivery Delay Emails-2

The Ultimate Guide To Delivery Delay Emails

Learn how to turn delays into engagement opportunities that improve your customer retention.

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Transactional Email & SMS Training

In this in-depth training, Blake Imperl (Head of Merchant Enablement) and Adam Kitchen (CEO at Magnet Monster) break down the framework for driving repeat purchases through transactional email & SMS. Scroll below for individual sections, or click here for full video

Transactional email & SMS is a retention marketing lever - AD Twitter Post

The Opportunity With Transactional Email & SMS

Core Message #1 - Shipment Created 

Core Message #4 - Shipment Delivered 

Transactional Email & SMS Overview

Core Message #2 - Carrier Picked Up

Core Message #5 - Stalled Shipment

The "Anatomy" of a Great Order Tracking Page

Core Message #3 - Out for Delivery

Core Message #6 - Delivery Error

5 Strategies for Optimizing Your Transactional Experience

In this tactical training, Blake Imperl (Head of Merchant Enablement) offers 5 tactical ways to increase repeat purchases through the transactional channel.