Klaviyo - What data is available inside of Klaviyo events?

All Klaviyo and webhook events come with the following metadata for use in personalization, segmentation, and analytics.

Postscript event data is very similar, but a few fields aren't available that are not productive in the SMS context, such as WondermentAdminShipmentPage.

Event Data Property Name Example Data
HoursStalled 25
CarrierName UPS
CarrierNameFriendly Australia Post
NotUpdatedSince 9/1/2020 2:46 PM ET
TrackingCode 1Z111111
CurrentStatus IN_TRANSIT
Substatus IN_TRANSIT
SubstatusMessage Arrived at regional sort facility.
DeliveredAt 9/1/2020 2:46 PM ET
TrackingURL http://www.fedex.com/Tracking?language=english&tracknumbers=61290980851223631052
BusinessDaysSinceFulfillmentCreated 5
OrderNumber 12345
OrderID AD-12345
EstimatedPackageDelivery 2020-11-11T21:16:04.470Z
DestinationCountryCode US
ServiceLevel Priority Mail
ServiceLevelCode usps_priority
ServiceLevelFriendlyName Priority Mail
FulfillmentCreatedDate 2020-01-01T12:12:12


(This is useful for internal notifications about specific shipments.)



(This is useful for showing the entire status of multi-fulfillment orders)

WondermentTrackingURL https://your-store.com/apps/wonderment/tracking?search=1Z111111
OrderStatusURL https://your-store.com/9414996/orders/20359b1424df49d1af4e2df3c907e2ff/authenticate?key=1ad16e9fc9ff9b793c562e70b76cac2b
CustomerTags [Subscription Recurring Order, Subscription, Active Subscriber]
OrderTags [Subscription, Subscription Recurring Order, Subscription Recurring Order]
FulfillmentAddress [Address1: "75 Northern Ave", City: "Boston", StateCode: "MA", ZIP: "02210", CountryCode: "US"]
ShippingAddress [Address1: "1 City Hall Square", City: "Boston", StateCode: "MA", ZIP: "02201", CountryCode: "US"]
EventLocation An object containing the carrier-specified location where the tracking event happened.
ProductNames ["Purple Squirrel","Orange Squirrel"]
Skus ["PS-10000","PS-10000-O"]
LineItemsCount 3
LineItems An object containing the line-item contents of the order (see below)
DiscountApplications An object containing any discounts applied to the order, with the specific details of the discount.
OrderSubtotal $15.00
OrderTax $4.44
OrderShipping $5.99
OrderTotal $20.99

In addition to the basic information about the order, the LineItems field contains an array of information about each line item in the order. You can reference this data for building templates, branching logic based on package contents, and so on. This is stored in a 0-indexed array, so you can easily access an individual item or loop over it to get the entire contents.
This product data is retrieved from Shopify and stored by Wonderment as the event is generated. As such, the events regarding a specific fulfillment will reflect the product's data at the time of order. Updates to product catalog data will be reflected in future fulfillments, but not change the data for in-progress fulfillments. This data reflects contents of a specific fulfillment, not order contents, so items not in this fulfillment (ie in another package from a different fulfillment center), or that do not require fulfillment (such as digital gift cards, ebooks, etc) will not appear in this listing.

Event Data Property Name Example Data
LineItemID 0
SKU PS-10000
Quantity 1
ProductHandle The product's handle reference
ProductURL The URL of the product's detail page
ProductID PS-10000
ProductName Purple Squirrel
ProductImage https://shopify.com/path/to/image.jpg
ProductImageAltText A picture of a purple squirrel
VariantID PS-10001
VariantName The biggest purple squirrel
VariantImage https://shopify.com/path/to/image-variant.jpg
VariantImageAltText A picture of our biggest purple squirrel
CustomAttributes An object containing any custom attributes or metadata.
Discount $5.00
Price $50.00
ItemTaxable TRUE
CurrencyCode USD
Discount $1.00
Weight 100
WeightUnit grams

In addition to the basic information about the line items, there is an array that contains any custom data attached to the line item, such as a gift note or other data. This is stored in a simple key-value pair in the array for each piece of metadata.

Custom Attribute Example Data
giftNote Your Message
SubscriptionInterval 1 month

In addition to the basic information about the order, there are two arrays, FulfillmentAddress and ShippingAddress, which contain the From and To addresses for the order. They follow the same pattern, except there are no first/last name fields on the FulfillmentAddress.

Event Data Property Name Example Data
FirstName Examplename
LastName Lastname
Address1 1 City Hall Square
Address2 Room 500
City Boston
StateCode MA
Zip 02210
CountryCode US

There is also an array that contains the fine details provided by the carrier on where a carrier event happened. For example, this might be the warehouse where a given transit scan occurred. This data is provided as the carrier offers it, so the exact data available may vary by carrier.

Event Location Example Data
City Boston
State MA
Zip 02210
Country US

There is also an array that contains any discounts applied to the order. There is usually a maximum of one discount applied per order, but in some cases (like with a store-wide discount) there may be two or more.

Discount Application Example Data
Value 15
DiscountCode Promo_Code_Used

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