Shopify Flow Setup with Wonderment

Wonderment is available as a Trigger in Shopify Flow, for Shopify Plus stores to use in creating automation. When a package tracked in your account has a status update, Wonderment will send a trigger to Shopify Flow for that package.

Flow is only available to Shopify stores on the Advanced or Plus plans. 

That trigger can be used with conditional statements to power different Actions in other apps, like sending an SMS message, creating a gift card, and more. There are several examples provided in this post.

In addition to the customer and order data already available in Flow, there are some Wonderment-supplied properties you can use in flow logic or as template variables. These trigger variables can be referenced in templates in the format, like for the carrier's name. This is a quick reference to some of the potential metadata:

Carriername The name of the carrier, matching what's presented in your Wonderment account. ie: USPS
Destinationcountrycode A two-digit string representing the destination country, ie: US
Estimateddeliverydate The current ETA of the package. This is supplied as a MM/DD/YYYY string.
HoursStalled If this is a SHIPMENT_STALLED event, how many hours the package has been stalled for when the event was created.
Notupdatedsince If this is a SHIPMENT_STALLED event, when was the package last scanned? This is supplied as a MM/DD/YYYY string.
Ordercreatedat The date/time the order was placed. This is supplied as a string date with time, like "June 17, 2021 at 02:27 PM"
Ordernumber The order number of the associated order.

The package status when the event was emitted. The supported status types are:


Trackingurl The carrier-supplied Tracking URL
Trackingcode The package's tracking code
Ordersubtotal The order price before shipping, tax, or other discounts are applied
Ordershipping The shipping cost paid by the customer
Ordertax The total tax paid by the customer
Ordertotal The total price of the order paid by the customer


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