Integrating Wonderment with

Wonderment can update each fulfillment in Shopify to mark it out for delivery or delivered. This makes your shipping and delivery data available for use in other apps that key off of that data, such as, and others.

You can enable these events in Shopify by activating this button in Wonderment Settings. We strongly recommend turning this on, unless you have specific fulfillment workflows or data where you don't want this data inserted.


Once activated, you can then start using this delivery data to power your review timing in Judge.Me. Turn on “Listen to fulfillment events” in JudgeMe settings and this will start working with all future deliveries. You can activate this in JudgeMe Settings -> Integrations -> Admin Backend. Wonderment plays the role of the 3rd party app referenced here.


You can also use Wonderment's tags to then suppress reviews from people who may have had a bad shipping experience. For example, orders will be tagged with "Shipment Stalled" with this feature if the delivery went a long time without updates. This will prevent a review request from going out to someone likely to leave a bad review about the shipping experience.

Shipment Stalled

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