Shopify Fulfillment Events and Shopify Tags in Wonderment

Wonderment can update each fulfillment and order in Shopify to mark it out for delivery or delivered, or if it had a delay in transit.

Fulfillment Events

This enables the use of the built-in notification system in Shopify, even if your carrier is not normally supported by Shopify, such as with DHL, or other international carriers not on Shopify's list. This also makes your delivery data available for use in other apps that key off of that data, such as review platforms like Judge.Me, Okendo, Stamped, and workflow automation apps like Drip. Wonderment does this by writing updates to your Fulfillments, and by adding Tags to your orders in Shopify.

You can get these events and tags in Shopify by activating this feature in Wonderment Settings.

activate shopify fulfillment events

When activated, Wonderment will do two things:

When a Fulfillment is marked Out for Delivery, Wonderment will update its status to "Out for Delivery".

When a Fulfillment is marked Delivered, Wonderment will update its status to "Delivered".

If you're using a carrier not normally supported by Shopify, this will also enable the use of Shopify's Out for Delivery and Delivered notifications. You might want to configure these notifications in Shopify from the default as a result. To configure them, go to Shopify Settings -> Notifications. The emails can be disabled, enabled, or edited from this screen as below.

shopify notifications settings

Shopify Tags

When this active, you can also select whether to have Wonderment write a "Delivered" or "Shipment Stalled" tag on an Order. These are useful for triggering automations in other apps or platforms. For example, you can hold back sending a review request email from someone who had a shipping delay, or combine our tags with data from a cohort segmentation app to identify when an order is delivered to a first-time customer.

shopify tags settings

If selected, when a fulfillment is marked "Stalled" because it hasn't moved in your Stalled Shipment Interval, Wonderment will write a tag "Stalled" on the order. This is useful for segmenting behavior in other apps - for example, you could hold back your review request email if you know the person had a late delivery. Interested in tags for other events or conditions? Let us know what you'd like to see: Reach us at for assistance.

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