Setting Up The Klaviyo Integration

Wonderment can send detailed shipping information to Klaviyo for each step in the shipping process. To set up the integration, get your Public API Key from the API Key screen in Klaviyo.

It's a six-character sequence from the top of the page, like this:

Copy and paste this key into the Klaviyo setup screen in Settings and click Save.

In the Integration Settings card above Klaviyo, you can select which events to sync to Klaviyo:

When you click "Save", Wonderment will send a seed event to Klaviyo, so that you can immediately use the events in flows, segmentation, and analytics. Future events will be sent to Klaviyo as they are recorded by the carrier.

Each event will have the following metadata which you can use for email personalization, segmentation or flow logic. For examples of emails or SMS messages using this data, check out this listing on


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